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Frequently Asked Questions


How can PVH impact my start-ups?

We are experimented investors specialized in early stage technology businesses. We focus on helping start-ups acquire customers and partners through our personal network. Our dual geographical footprint (Switzerland + USA) enable us to help European start-up establish a business in the USA and American start-ups to enter the European market. We are bridge makers. We make bridges between start-ups and large corporations, between early stage and late stage investors and between Europe and the USA.


At which stage do you invest and how much?

We are an early stage investor advisor. We prefer to make an initial investment during a Seed round but we do also consider participating in a Series A. Our initial investment usually ranges between CHF 100k and CHF 500k and if the business grows well, we have the ability to invest up to CHF 2.5M in a company.


What are you looking for in a company to invest in?

We are looking for startups actively taking part in the digital transformation of industries, with a special interest on Financial Services and Healthcare. We have a focus on digital and software start-ups that leverages the potential of big data and IoT to transform industries.


In which country do you scout?

Our scouting is mainly focused on Swiss start-ups but we also review European and USA opportunities.


How do we work? What materials will I need to provide?

Please send us a mail with your pitch deck and contact details. We will then review it and let you know if we are interested to learn more.
You will need to provide us with an investor pitch, including details on your company, your product, your business model, your team, and financial forecasts. The more we know about your company, the best and the quickest we can give you a feedback on your project.
The next step is to pitch your project to one of our team members. And then to the whole investment committee.
If the investment committee is interested to consider an investment, a due diligence will be performed.


How can I meet / contact you?

Please fill in the form with the subject of your mail. This way, we’ll be able to answer you quickly and efficiently, whether you’d be a startup looking for funding, an investor looking for co-investment opportunities, or a student looking for knowledge.